Unidad de Descontaminación NRBQ Remolcable ESCORPIO 100

Fecha de ejecución: 2014-2015


Analysis of user requirements and Conceptual development of the technical solution


Definition of functional requirements of the system
Development and construction of Prototype in collaboration with HISPANOVEMA
Testing and Prototype Validation in European Demo in 2015 (Antwrep Belgium) as a milestone in the FP7 R&D project 'EDEN'


Completely autonomous system (generation-impulsion of decontaminating solution and generation of electric energy)
Inflatable tent for decontamination of personnel (up to 140 pax/h)
High Pressure Lances for Vehicle Decontamination (up to 18 Veh/h)
Contaminated Water Collection System (Containment Raft and Suction Pump)
Flexible tanks (clean water/contaminated water)