Sistema de Protección NRBQ para el Bunker del Centro de Defensa Aérea CARS Torrejón

Fecha de ejecución: 2004-2005


Analysis of customer requirements and conceptual development of the technical solution
Preparation of the offer and commercial follow-up during the execution of the project.
Project Management until final client acceptance


Design of a NRBQ Alert system and the necessary protection elements against CBRN threats and large-caliber detonations intended for the Underground Bunker of the Spanish Air Force.
The scope of the project included:
- Development and Integration of Network of Detection and Alarm against Chemical Threats (CWA) composed by an External and Internal network of Detectors RAID-S2 and a corresponding Command & Control Center
- Development, Supply and Installation of anti-blast doors (9 Bar blast waves and gas barriers at 0.2 Bar)
- Development, Supply and Assembly of doors and bulkheads with electromagnetic / radioelectric shielding (EMI/RFI)
- Development, Supply and Assembly of fire resistant doors (RF90) with acoustic shielding
- Functional tests at site (SAT), Certification and final acceptance of systems