Integration of Tactical Jammer CLIPEUS in military vehicles

Release date: 2009-2010


Support to the process of preparation of the offer.

Support for system evaluation tests.


To equip vehicles of the Armed Forces with a protective system against the threats posed by remotely RF activated improvised explosive devices (RCIEDs)

Phases of the project:

  • Development of Prototypes for evaluation of tenders and adjudication

  • Adaptation and Vehicle Integration of Inhibitor in execution phase

The project contemplated the integration of radiofrequency inhibitor CLIPEUS under two vehicle configurations:

  • MIL-R: Protect light and medium-type tactical and logistic vehicles (LMV, Anibal, VAMTAC, IVECO Ambulance)

  • MIL-C: To protect heavy and large armored tactical and logistic vehicles (RG-31, VEMPAR IVECO Platform)


Digital signal generation technology and configurable according to the new changing threats (mission planner).

High power transmission over a wide spectrum of RF coverage (from remote to mobile telephony)

Architecture of design of operation in Active and Reactive mode.

Modular system composed of the following elements:

  • Unit of Synthesis, Control and Processing (USCP)

  • Amplifier Units (UAs)

  • Remote Control Unit (UCR)

  • Sist. Radiant (Antenna Array)

Synchronization with other INHs or Activations / Deactivations according to time base or position (GPS)