Instrumented 120L55 system for homologation of APFDS ammunition

Release date: 2003-2004


Functional Specification and System Design
Bid Preparation and Contracting
Project Management, arms importation and interlocution with the Client (CET-DGAM) until the final Acceptance


Design and Execution of a 120mm Caliber APFSDS Ammunition Test System for the LEOPARD 2 Battlefield Tank based on two sensed barrels 120L55 (IMI)
The complete system was composed of two IMI 120L55 barrels gun mounts, sensing instrumentation and the SW application of analysis and presentation of results
The project included the following phases:

  • Mechanical design (3D CAD) and System Validation

  • Development and integration of sensing devices and SW processing and display

  • Supply of 4 barrels 120L55 (2 of backup) and 14 APFSDS rounds manufactured by IMI

  • Civil works (building), installation of equipment and commissioning of the test bench

  • Final Acceptance of complete systems under real firing test (SAT)