Network of Partners

DEFSEC Consulting currently counts on a wide variety of partners (mostly national) such as: Research Centers, Engineering Services companies, OEM manufactures and System Integrators.

Thanks to the wide variety and specialization of the different partners the whole Added Value Chain is fully covered for the envisaged areas of solution. The collaborative model is becoming extremely agile and efficient based on the commercial agreements stablished allowing the different partners to reinforce the access to new clients and better accomplish their subcontracting needs.

System Integrators

Refers to those Tier1, Tier2 companies whose activity is focused on the development of overarching and complex systems requiring the integration of different third party technologies or solutions. The rest of partners may act as their subcontractors or reference suppliers. Sometimes a System Integrator company is acting as a OEM manufacturer as well.

[CONFIDENTIAL] is multinational enterprise with a Spanish subsidiary which provides overall solutions for critical systems within the Aerospatial, Defence & Security and Emergency sectors through owned engineering and products as well as third party solutions.

[CONFIDENTIAL] Solutions envisaged under the commercial agreement:

  • Defence Solutions integrated on terrestrial platforms
  • CBRN Solutions
  • Emergency management systems
  • Protection for Critical Infraestructures
  • Border control & Surveillance
  • Intelligence and Information Management Systems
  • Defence Communication systems

AMBAR is a global and innovating Partner which provides technological solutions and services related to Communications and IT handling the whole project lifecycle thanks to its capabilities for system integration, SW/ HW development, commissioning and Integral Logistic Support.

AMBAR is present in the Defence & Security, Traffic Management, Health, Energy and Public Administrations markets.

AMBAR Solutions and Services considered within this commercial collaboration domain are the following:

  • IT Networking
  • Cybersecurity
  • Unified Communications (data/voice)
  • Structured cabling and CPDs
  • Security Solutions
  • Videoconference and Advance Multimedia Management Systems
  • ICT Managed Services
  • Energy optimization solutions

ACORDE Sistemas is a company specialized in the development and integration of IT solutions for the land, naval, air and satellite domains.

Its areas of specialization are:

  • Development of custom embedded systems
  • SW Development Services (Web / desktop Apps, Databases, Devops, etc)
  • Logical Perimeter Security
  • Routing and switching
  • Servers and Storage
  • Virtualization
  • Wireless networks
  • Health Network Monitoring
  • VoIP communications
  • Physical security (CCTV and Access Control)

OEM Manufacturers

Refers to Original Equipment Manufacturers (OEM) related to the Solutions domains in which DEFSEC has some expertise. All the selected OEMs are characterized by owning differential and competitive solutions in their respective fields.

IRDAM is a Swiss manufacturer of meteorological instrumentation with extensive knowledge and experience in the development of high performance solid state meteorological sensors (without moving parts) and specially designed for highly demanding applications such as military and high mountain environments.

 The type of solutions developed by IRDAM that are contemplated in the scope of the commercial collaboration are: 

  • Solid state meteorological sensors for military applications (Ballistics, CBRN, UAVs)
  • Stand-alone automatic weather stations intended for Defence and Security applications.

ETIENNE LACROIX TOUS ARTIFICES S.A is 100% private family equity originally founded in 1848. The Etienne Lacroix Group employs more than 800 people and turnover was 170 M€ in 2017. Located in France near Toulouse, it is a worldwide leading manufacturer in the field of pyrotechnics for the defence industry. Its activities span all aspects: from product design to manufacture, including supply, support and services solutions.

LACROIX provides a full range of solutions:

- Advanced naval protection: with New Generation effects (Corner Reflectors, IR morphological decoys, Anti torpedo decoys, ...) and effective naval decoy launchers (cost effective with minimized installation time, training time, high reliability and quick reloading).

- Advanced airborne countermeasures with all types of calibers: for combat-jets (F-16, F-18, Mirage, Rafale…), helicopters (Apache, Black Hawk, SeaHawk, Agusta, H225M Caracal, Tiger…) and for Large Transport (Hercules C130, Airbus A400M…).

- Advanced land vehicle protection: self-defense system including detection - analysis decision and reaction, deployment (within 1 second) of a large multi-band smoke screen or NLW effects.

All those systems and solutions are widely deployed within NATO armed forces and major armed forces in Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

FALKEN es una empresa española perteneciente al grupo francés Etienne LACROIX especializada en la fabricación de munición no letal para aplicaciones anti-disturbio y de ocultación.

Los principales productos comercializados por la compañía son los siguientes:

  • Granadas proyectables de 76mm de ocultacion (Fósforo) y Multi-espectrales IR
  • Granadas proyectables de 40mm de gas lacrimógeno (CS), cinéticas y bengalas (dia/noche)
  • Granadas de mano Lacrimógenas (CS), Flash&bang y de Señalización
  • Equipo de protección individual (EPI) para Fuerzas Policiales. 


OARO offers the market a series of reliable identification and information certification solutions based on Blockchain technology complemented by Artificial Intelligence (AI) and implemented through its Cloud platform.

OARO solutions are aimed at guaranteeing the Physical, Logical Security and Traceability of the information and documentation and are the following:

  • OARO ACCESS: Innovative HW / SW facial recognition solution combined with thermographic image to prevent unauthorized access or possible infectious. The system guarantees total anonymization of user data
  • OARO ID: Secure facial recognition software that streamlines user onboarding and advanced authentication in online environments. Security in the identification and login of employees.
  • OARO COMPLY: Industry without papers and more efficient with document management software that digitizes any type of document and allows to guarantee traceability and chain of custody through the different workflows. Security Compliance in critical, forensic, legal or hyper-regulated processes.
  • OARO MEDIA: Solution for taking geolocated and immutable photographs and video (assessment of maintenance tasks, obtaining of forensic evidence, insurance reports, etc)
  • OARO API Rest: API for the client or other integrator to integrate the blockchain platform into their own security solution (validation of the data exported by the client's solution)

Special & Engineering Services

They are companies focused on the provision of Special Services (Explosive Ordnance Disposal, Security in war conflict areas, etc.) as well as Engineering Services oriented to defence projects.

These services are highly demanded by System Integrators companies in the execution of their projects, both in the design phase and in the implementation phase when dealing with conflict zones.

The ALTRAN group is a French multinational of engineering services for critical systems in the sectors Aerospace and Defence, Public Sector, Automotive, Infrastructure and Transport, Biotechnology, Pharmacy and Health, Energy and Industry, Railway, Financial Services, Telecommunications and Media.

ALTRAN services contemplated in the scope of the commercial collaboration of Defence and Security are the following: 

  • Systems engineer
  • HW Engineering, Electronics and Communications
  • SW engineering & development
  • Systems Testing & Qualifications Engineering
  • Integral Logistic Support (ILS) on platforms and systems

SQS is a company of the INNOVALIA group, specialized in the development of tests and validation of SW (Test & AQ). SQS has extensive experience in both critical security systems and commercial applications.

Among the most representative products are:

SQS TestWORKFLOW: An intuitive tool to manage the entire validation process
Q-Mobile: Simple and effective application for Mobile App App Test.
Agile REQ: A simple, intuitive and efficient requirements management tool.
Q-Load: Tool to know the maximum number of users that a system can support and the response times to different load volumes.

CISGA is an AMBAR Group company specialized in Outsourcing and provision of Advanced Managed Services to its clients, through its NOC / SOC, which include Managed Security Services.

The main Services provided by CISGA are:

Managed Cybersecurity Services (SOC)
Information Systems Consulting
Business Process Outsourcing (BPO)
IT staff outsourcing (Selection and Training)

R&D Centers

They are organizations whose activity is focused on Research & Development around Defence & Security solutions, providing technologically innovative solutions to the other companies along the Global Supply Chain.

The ITCL is the Reference R&D Center in Castilla y León acting under the legal status of a private foundation. ITCL focuses its Research and Development activities in the areas of Virtual Reality Simulation, Electronic Artificial Intelligence, Energy Technologies, Production Technologies, ICTs, Industrial Automation, Mobility and Transportation and Training.

ITCL solutions contemplated in the field of commercial collaboration are the following:

  • Simulation and Virtual/Augmented Reality
  • IT defence solutions
  • Electronics artificial intelligence
  • Training