DEFSEC Consulting will provide FALKEN with consultancy services for the design & development of the new Countermeasure System ESCUDO


The spanish company FALKEN, specialized in the development of non-lethal ammunition, as well as countermeasure systems for land platforms, has renewed the Collaboration Agreement with DEFSEC Consulting. FALKEN has been the Spanish subsidiary of Etienne LACROIX Group since 2018.

Through said agreement, DEFSEC had been providing FALKEN with Business Development Services for its growth in the national Defense market. By this renewal, DEFSEC will also provide Consulting Services for the Design and Development of the new ESCUDO 76mm Countermeasures System.

ESCUDO will constitute a modern Countermeasures System to increase the survivability of land platforms (armored or tactical) through a suite of different types of ammunition: Obscuration (visible/IR), Fragmentation and Law Enforcement (Anti-Riot)

The first prototype will be available from November 2020 for testing and evaluation on platforms such as VCR 8x8 DRAGON.


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