EODITEC and DEFSEC Consulting reach a commercial collaboration agreement to promote the EOD and Demining business at international level


Spanish firm EODITEC Special Services, S.L. signed a Framework Agreement of Collaboration with DEFSEC Consulting last December 2015 to promote at the international level the Business Development of the special services provided by EODITEC in the areas of:

    - Disposal of Ammunition and Explosive Devices (EOD / EIDD)

    - Demining and demilitarization of ammunition stockpiles

    - Training and Awareness

    - Consulting, Support for Corporate Deployment and Quality Control

   - Integral Security in conflict areas and critical infrastructures.

 Through this contract, DEFSEC will not only achieve the commercial development of EODITEC in the international scenario, but also provide this type of services in a customized way and at a highly competitive price to the rest of those DEFSEC partners which have to deploy means and resources in conflict areas.  in accordance to their activities. All the above will allow for a significant increase in the synergies between all of them resulting from the complementarity of their respective activities.

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